Welcome to Unifelt. A world of infinite possibilities. 

My name is Baya. I am a fiber artist based in Portland, OR. I created Unifelt Studio to share with the world my passion for fiber. 

I come from Buryatia, a region in Siberia. My ancestors were nomads of a Mongolian ethnic minority that wandered the Russian tundra in search of grasslands for their sheep herds. Over the centuries, my grand-grand parents learned to survive in symbiosis with nature, nurturing their animals and using their wool to build clothes and yurts.

The first time I tried felting I was inspired by my Arts and Crafts teacher in 6th Grade. She wanted to revive our long lost traditions of hand-felting. I fell in love with fiber and the endless possibilities that it offers to create 3D shapes.

Today I am a full time mom that draws inspiration from her daughters and the beautiful Oregon landscape to create hand-felted sculptures and clothing for kids and adults. I also offer classes for creative spirits that want to learn how to master wool shaping.

All my designs are original and hand-made. View my collections to see my work and the gallery to see the process of felting. Contact me to come and try them on or with any questions!

For my creations I use:

  • Jacob wool (sourced locally from Oregon and Washington)
  • Buubey wool (autochthonous from Buryatia) 
  • Merino Wool (imported from Italy) 


Buryat women sorting Buubey wool

Buryat women sorting Buubey wool